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Hawaii Gift and Craft is Kihei Maui Hawaii’s favorite store to buy low-priced gifts and souvenirs. Hawaii Gift and Craft has an amazing selection of tropical home and coastal condo decor. Hawaii Gift and Craft is the one-stop-shop for all of your island-inspired decorating and gift needs.

Hawaii Gift And Craft Gifts Souvenirs Decor in Kihei Maui Hawaii

About our Shop

Helping Tourists and Locals

Hawaii Gift and Craft was originally founded in 2003 as a furniture store called Bali Imports. As time went on, our shop started selling smaller gifts and souvenir items. Now, our shop has found a niche selling original tropical home and coastal condo decor.

Story of our Shop

Hawaii Gift and Craft

Candice Jacquot has been a business owner in Kihei Maui Hawaii since 1990. She loves traveling globally to find goods for her store right from the crafters that make the products. A lot of her designs are produced to her specifications and new ideas are always on order.

One-of-a-Kind Selection

Souvenirs, Decor, and More

Hawaii Gift and Craft has a one-of-a-kind selection that you can enjoy whether you’re a local that already lives on Maui or you’re a tourist that wants a piece of the Hawaiian islands to take home as a reminder of your incredible vacation on Maui.

Products at our Shop

We Have What You Love


Affordably priced gifts and souvenirs!


Tropical home and coastal condo decor!


All of your decorating and gift needs!

Reviews of our Shop

Customer Testimonials

Seriously, this place was on my list of spots to revisit. They have a huge variety of goodies and the prices are ridiculously good. Everything this time was even cuter than I remember. You can spend hours on that store looking at everything and the staff doesn’t bother or rush you. This is literally the best place for your souvenir needs!


Great deals for great finds! I was here last month on vacation and found small gifts for all my friends and family. If your looking for small gifts or even some fun decode, this is a place to check out! I had my eye on some bone earrings, but it was sold immediately.


I spent a good amount of money here, and I would recommend anyone who travels to this area to shop at this store as the items sold here are priced moderately, but better than at other locations. I will definitely be returning here next year at my next vacation to purchase more souvenirs.


Love this shop!! it’s very welcoming and reasonable. i also loved chatting with them. There the best.


Lots of nice things and reasonable prices


Lots of things to look at. Beautiful dresses!!!


Fantastic store for one of a kind, reasonably priced items! Tons of unique gifts, friendly and helpful staff. I am very glad we stopped!


This is the best gift shop on the island so far. They had stuff that the other shops didn’t have…. no repeats that i could see…they are reasonably priced! They were so great to work with in the shop. They were very informative about the items they have and was very willing to help us get exactly what we needed for our loved ones at home. I highly reccomend this shop to all. If you are looking for fun items to decorate your house with and bring the Aloha to where you live… this is your place!


Fantastic gifts and jewelry. Great prices too!


We always come here when we visit. Larry was the best and super helpful !


Been here three times and every time the ladies have been super friendly.


Super reasonable and very friendly staff. We loved this store!


Everything in this place is super inexpensive compared to all the other gift shops. The man working there is super nice too!


I love this store!!! The gifts inside are so reasonably priced that I had to come back again! There is tons of stuff, and it’s a little tight, but so worth it. The lady there so sweet and helpful! Great customer service. I 100% recommend this store!


Love this place and the owner is so chill and nice. Lots of stuff that other stores nearby don’t have and cheaper prices to boot.


Simply the most beautiful souvenirs I’ve seen in Hawaii – mainly the wooden ones. The prices are amazingly affordable! Definitely worth the visit for the ones who love handcrafts.


Really good prices, like 1/4 of what all the other stores were charging (we know because we went to a lot trying to find an affordable big Maui hook for my son). Other places were charging twice as much. Tons of items, and super friendly service. I feel like it’s the best kept secret in Maui for souvenirs. Great place to take your kids! No screen printed shirts, but other than that it had what we wanted and more!


There were a lottttt of great items for super cheap! I spent a good hour looking at all the items just because there was so much. There were a few things I found at other shops for half the price. The owner (I believe) is a very very sweet lady and is worth seeing!


Fantastic selection of jewelry, clothes and gifts all at a very affordable price – this would be my first recommendation for shopping in Kihei


Fantastic place for gifts and unique items! Every time we come to Maui I buy all my souvenirs from here! Lovely customer service as well!


My father, son, and I had a wonderful and friendly experience here! Love the merchandise, and the customer service is second to none! Mahalo!


My Family loves this shop!! We always find great souvenirs and gifts. Our young Daughters love to spend their souvenir money here and they always walk away with fun things and happy smiles, the experience in it of itself is most of the fun! The Team there has always been very nice and helpful, full of aloha! Great trinkets, art pieces, clothes and more! Definitely stop in when you visit!


Great gift shop in Maui. Selection are good and the quality better than other gift shops I have seen in central Kihei area. Most importantly, I think the price is very reasonable with good quality. I highly recommend this place!


Nice array of gifts and souvenirs; found some unique stuff! Woman at the front was nice.


The best and most affordable shop we found! Seriously so excited about our finds at this shop. The dresses were a super nice material and would work for any girls. Got a giant wooden xylophone… literally cannot beat that!


Prices are honestly the best on Maui. Tons of items for 1$ and good quality wood carvings. Dresses 12-15! Lots of variety and we were totally impressed with prices. The go to place for souvenirs!


Fantastic prices. Fun gifts!


Super cheap store for cool stuff!


Different Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs with great prices.


The prices are so cheap compared to other stores. We bought clothes, bracelets, Keychain, music instruments, flower clips, hairbands. Overall good selection. Wish they had food souvenirs to take back to mainland.


Two of daughters loved to visit this place. There are plenty of bracelets, necklaces at cheaper price and they are all beautiful!


Lots of very cool stuff packed into this tiny store. The owner was super friendly and helpful.


This was our fav gift shop on the whole island! We came back a second time & spent so much because everything was beautiful and affordable. If it weren’t for the prices, I definitely wouldn’t have bought as much.


Awesome stuff and Great prices all around! Love this place.


Best gifts and souvenirs shop we have found on the island! Very unique items and reasonable prices. We were very glad we stopped by after eating so awesome food down the shopping center. Definitely recommend a stop off here to this parking lot!


Love this store as a Maui visitor! For someone looking for Hawaiian souvenirs for multiple friends and family, shopping at most stores around here is highway robbery! This is the best store to avoid that!! Lots of wonderful gifting items for all ages! Highly recommend!


My new favorite store! Such a tremendous selection of jewelry, clothing, wall art, and tons of souvenirs. The store gal was so friendly and helpful, she made the experience even more wonderful and fun. Such reasonable prices too, I totally recommend it.


Best place in Kihei for souvenir shopping, good prices, wonderful choices!


The best store to buy souvenirs. The lady she is awesome. Thank u for your service


So many gifts products and very inexpensive. I was ready to pay an arm and a leg for gifts and walked out with twice as many gifts than expected. Definitely will be back on my next visit!


Good variety of souvenirs and decor that are fairly priced. Really nice shop.


Super reasonable and very friendly staff. We loved this store!


Tasteful souvenirs and awesome prices


This is a great place for inexpensive items and there are some great cheap gifts. The value of the items in this store is exceptional, as the prices are generally very low. I would recommend this store to anybody, and thus give it 5 stars.


Lovely store. Reasonable prices, very nice staff.


cool stuff there…my wife is addicted


This is a cute little souvenir shop with fairly reasonable prices that we stopped at while in Kihei. There are a lot of decorative home goods available here, as well as some shirts and dresses. The clothing selection was fairly skimpy, though, (especially regarding souvenir shirts) so if you’re specifically looking for that, I’d try another place first.


Unique & Fun store, great prices! I highly recommend!


Best place on Maui for gifts at the most reasonable prices


Love the jewelry it’s fun and colorful their prices are way under most stores


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